What Happened to My Little Girl?

My oldest daughter, Kye, is a high school senior.  Wow! What happened to my little girl?  She is grown!

We are waiting for the weather to warm up before taking her senior portraits.  But a few days ago; the weather was mild, the light was just right and I had seen a field of golden grass…so she and I took a few images just as the sun was setting.

Nothing planned, I literally grabbed my camera and told her to throw on her blue dress.  She combed her hair as I drove down the dirt road.  We were not exactly the vision of gracefulness trying to get her and that long blue dress over the barbed wire fence without tearing anything.  The entire time I was telling her, “We are running out of light!” and she is struggling to balance herself and a formal on one thin wire.

Don’t ever believe everyone else’s photo sessions go smoothly.  In photographing clients; I have had little boys drop their pants to go to the bathroom, dogs run off and one client’s less than amusing uncle moon the camera!

The images of those precious faces make the whole circus worthwhile because you cherish those pictures forever.  (So, mamas, take pictures of those babies!  Someday, Lord willing, they will grow up and plan to leave home and you will sit and look at those pictures with tears and a smile.  This may or may not be happening to me at this very moment!)

My Kye has grown up way too fast.  We brought her home to love when she was just two years old.  She is the middle child and the axis for the other two.  She has always been the “organizer” and made up games for the three of them.  She loves her horses, her piano and all kinds of books.  I love seeing the beautiful young woman she has become.  She will be headed off to college in the fall to study graphic design.  I’m sure going to miss her.  (feeling the tears just a little) But, I smile every time I look at these pictures.

I can’t tell you how many times over the last 16 years I have seen this smirky little grin…

This one may be her favorite…

Here it is again…with a smile.

When she was little, she only wanted dresses that would “spin.”  Nothing’s changed.

My elegant girl…

My dear Kye, may she always walk in the Lord.

She makes her mama’s heart happy…and she’s still the cutest stick horse ridin’, goat showin’, pig lovin’, cattle taggin’ and big bow wearin’ girl I know!  Here’s proof…

Have a great day everyone.  I will leave you with a terrific quote I heard the other day…”If you want to make the world a better place, go home and love your family.”

With Love, Nikki




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