Posted on March

The Road Less Traveled

Family/ Fitness

This morning I took the road less traveled…

And Robert Frost was right.  It made all the difference!

I ran through puddles, jumped over logs and climbed to higher levels.  My heartbeat, joy and mood climbing with every step.  My two buddies joined me…Read More

Posted on March

5 Reasons to Log 10 this Week…


“The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”  John C. Maxwell

We are the sum of our daily habits…

I have made it a habit over the last couple of years to walk/run at least 10 miles a week.  Ten miles may seem daunting to some and laughable to others; but it is doable with any schedule.   I keep track of my miles on a calendar in my pantry.  Then I can make up any miles I miss and here’s why…Read More

Posted on March

It’s Pig Day! How are You Celebrating?


Today we are celebrating National Pig Day!  (Yes, that really is a thing and apparently it’s March 1st) . Coincidentally, today is our county livestock show and Kaitlyn is excited to take Rubin and Shiloh before the judge.  I have enjoyed both their little personalities but Rubin; well,Read More

Posted on March

March for Grandma

Faith/ Family

You may hear me talk often about my Grandma Barnes.  She wasn’t really my grandma but I would sure like to claim her.  My parents met her at church when we moved from windy west Texas to Oklahoma when I was only three.  She was about 60 years old then and for the next 15 years she would babysit my brothers and me whenever needed.  I lived with her half of my senior year of high school Read More

Posted on January

New Year Reflections


I love the beginning of a new year.  A whole year ahead, full of memories yet to be experienced, new possibilities and a fresh new calendar. {I love this planner and this one}  I sometimes make resolutions; but I realize I have made some of the same resolutions year after year.  Read More

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