Vanishing Sunglasses

Between volleyball tournament games last Friday, Roger and I took our girls out for lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Before we sat at the table I made my way to the ladies restroom. I did my, shall we say, “ladies restroom business” and proceeded to wash my hands. In this little one-person bathroom, I turned on the faucet then leaned over to flush the toilet.

Ya’ll, I could not have timed this any better if I had tried!  

I leaned over and flushed the toilet just as my brand new Ralph Lauren sunglasses fell out of my coat pocket.  I heard the clink of plastic hitting porcelain and felt a cold chill up my spine. The perfect pair of “not too round, not too square” sunglasses jumped into the toilet just as the water was whooshing down into the abyss!!! Without any thought of life, limb or sanitation I plunged my hand into that toilet!  I tried to snatch my sunglasses out of the depths; but they had already vanished! I stood there, somewhat dazed, thinking,

“I just flushed my sunglasses!”

I stared for a few more seconds hoping they might float back up through the pipes and I could rescue them.  They never did.  Several other thoughts ran through my mind including:

  1. This would never happen to some cheapo pair of sunglasses. They would have definitely floated back up to the top of the bowl.  This only happens to ones you really like. The ones you contemplated and finally splurged on so you would have a good pair all summer.
  2. I have a toilet at home that I sometimes have to flush 3-4 times to get all the toilet paper my teenagers use to completely vanish down the pipes. This toilet sucked my sunglasses down like they were nothing!
  3. How do I get a toilet like that installed in my teenagers’ bathroom?
  4. I wonder if this is covered under some type of sunglasses’ warranty?  Probably not.
  5. I hope those sunglasses don’t stop up the restaurant’s entire plumbing system.  Maybe we should just eat a quick taco and be on our way.  Just in case…
  6. One should never take too much pride in something you own. It may be here today and flushed tomorrow.

Pride cometh before a fall…into the toilet…to be sucked away and never to be seen again!  Lesson learned.  May we only focus on the things today that matter…and smile a lot.  🙂

With joy and humility,  Nikki




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