Where I am From…


A poem I wrote this summer {2016}  A little insight.  This is who I am and where I am from…

I Am From…

I am from the dust of a West Texas plain

Singing in the endless blowing breeze

Stringy hair, pearl snaps, red cowgirl boots

A seed of a girl in the Texas dirt

I am from the rolling hills of Oklahoma

Sketching dreams on an open canvas

Sprays of freckles, green eyes, knobby knees

A bud thriving in the morning sun

I am from the warm breath of a paint horse

Escorting freedom with power and peace

Shining smile, tan lines, strong legs

A determined stem pushing heavenward

I am from the moonlit night

Gazing upon stars and struggling with goodbyes

Dripping lashes, aching heart, clutching memories

A tangled maze of roots digging deep into the dirt

I am from the relentless tornado

Spiraling in constant confusion

Stabbing words, numbing pain, hopeless thoughts

A leaf battered and limp from the storm

I am from the mighty Rock

Resting in the Lord’s protection

Praying hands, praising lips, traveling feet

A dormant perennial pruned by the Gardener

I am from the mist of a mountain morning

Trusting in new promises

Trembling hands, a wedding ring, blue eyes

A fresh cutting transplanted to fertile soil

I am from the red rim of the Grand Canyon

Clinging to the edge over the unknown

Doubting mind, hugging babies, dirty laundry

A woman growing in season

I am from the fiery orange sunset

Marching with breath and beauty

Laugh lines, calloused hands, thankful heart

Petals falling open to the sun

I am from among the delicate white lilies

Wafting a sweet aroma in early evening

Watered in wisdom, pruned to compassion, fertilized with love

A bloom in the Master’s own garden

“Bloom where you are planted.”

With Love, Nikki

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