Give Yourself Grace

Does your run ever not go as planned?

I took this image of myself before my run yesterday. I thought I would later post something about running or fitness or aging or why I was wearing my hot pink compression socks. But, turns out, my run and this post did not go as planned.

I started the morning with intentions of a nice long run on the ranch roads before I opened the Ranch Market. Beat the heat and start the day with a good workout. I paced under blue skies as the cows watched me run the gravel road. Two miles later, a flood of emotions overtook me. Tears bubbled up from my soul.

I’ve run while crying before. I have also run while happy, angry, content and extremely grateful. Running gives me the opportunity to think, create, plan, dream and work through stressful situations.

It is a stressful family situation that took over my thoughts this day. One would think that after living through some extremely difficult life events and, after spending over a half century on this earth, I would have learned to eliminate all forms of worry and stress. Nope. Not even.

As I ran, all the muscles on my right side from the base of my skull to my lower back contracted. I walked back to my vehicle in pure pain. I’m fine now; but it made me think about how stress and worry can be mentally and physically debilitating. I don’t know if you’re currently dealing with something hard. We all go through tough times.

A few things have helped me through struggles and might help you too…

  • Reading or listening to the book of Psalms. I find strength and peace in the words. I often listen to Psalms on my Bible app while getting ready in the mornings.
  • Pray. Leave it at the feet of the Lord and go about your day. “The one who fashioned the ear will listen.” Give thanks and pray for wisdom. Talk to the One who has power.
  • Do something good and kind for someone else. Nothing gets you out of your own hole like lifting up someone else.
  • Rest. Give yourself permission to be still, to be patient and to smile even when it’s hard.

If I can ever pray for you and with you, send me an email [email protected]. It is an honor. I know so many have prayed for me. Whatever the situation, this too shall pass…

Hang in there…

With love,


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