Ranching is Living

Ranch Life

There are lots of things you could do for a “living” besides ranching.
Other things that wouldn’t require you to feed cows in the icy depths of winter. Or pull a new calf from a first time mama in the middle of the night. Or where you don’t have to stack square bales in the hot summer with hay sticking to you from the sweat dripping from your face.

Jobs that aren’t dependent on the daily market fluctuations or the ever changing weather. But ranchers, like us, don’t just do this just for the “living.” We do it for the “lifestyle.” There’s nothing like the feeling of a job well done or the beauty of seeing a newborn calf stand and nurse for the first time. Ranchers experience sunrises and sunsets over the land they care for and love.

They work every day with the animals they raise to feed families like yours the most complete source of natural protein. Roger and I chose this lifestyle to raise our children, build our herd and, now, to sell beef directly to you.

Our “lifestyle brand” is a Two C on the left hip of premium, ranch-raised beef.
It is an honor to serve your family and “ride for the brand.”

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