The Best Baked Potatoes

Restaurant Style Crispy Baked Potatoes at Home

We love a great Meat and Potatoes meal. There are countless options but a great Callison Ranch steak and a restaurant style baked potato is hard to beat!

If you love the restaurant-style, crispy skin potatoes, here’s how you can make them at home:

  • Scrub the potatoes, then dry them.
  • Use a fork to poke the potato 6-8 times (prevents the potato from exploding by releasing steam)
  • Put potatoes in a bowl and rub olive oil all over the outside of the potatoes.
  • Rub salt (or salt and pepper) on the outside of the potatoes. Be generous with both the oil and the salt. It’s what gives the potatoes that amazing flavor and makes you want to eat the skin.
  • Place the potatoes on a baking sheet and bake in a preheated oven (425ºF) for about 50 minutes. The exact timing will depend on the size of the potato.
  • Serve by creating a dotted line from end to end with your fork, then crack the spud open by squeezing the ends towards one another. It will pop right open. But watch out, there will be some steam. Add your favorite toppings.Enjoy with a great steak or top with leftover smoked brisket and cheese!

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