Caroline Comes to the Country: A Ranch Visit

A lovely young woman with beautiful red hair and an amazing coat recently came to see the cows.

She is a reporter for a local television station; here to tell our story. But I think her story is one worth telling…

She is a young woman is from Dallas and is working her first job out of college. She’s packing up her video camera and her car everyday traveling to places, people and situations unknown. She’s pitching story ideas every morning to her boss often to be redirected. She’s honing her skills and “paying her dues.” Every Friday night throughout the fall she was sent to multiple high school football games to send in footage. Today she told the story of our missing cattle and tomorrow it may be a missing person. She is navigating the world and doing it with bravery and grace.

I applaud her! And all the young women like her. It is hard to balance hopes, dreams and expectations with long days, authority, reality and exhaustion. I say keep dreaming and keep working!

She may have not known a lot about cattle and ranching when she showed up; but she asked questions, learned and appreciated. I loved her attitude.

Keep showing up for your life.
In the words of Babe Ruth, “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”

Thank you for coming Caroline. You are a shining star.

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