Making a Judgement Call

Our neighbor, Garrett, helping with the weak calf.

Decisions can be difficult; have faith.

Sometimes you just have to make a “judgement call,” making the best decision you can at the time with the information and experience you possess.
You have to make a decision.

On the ranch, as in life, you can’t become paralyzed by doubt and indecision. A calf is struggling: Do you leave the mother to what nature has equipped her to do? Do you take the calf to the barn and try to save it knowing that the mother may not take it back? Decisions like this are hard and there’s not always a clear answer.

Roger and I made the decision to try and save this baby. With the help of our neighbor, Garrett, we attempted to lure the mother from the big pasture into a pen where we could assist the pair. The mother was not having any part of our plan. The baby was weak and we knew it would be unable to survive without our help. We took the little one to the barn. This is not ideal. You want the mamas to raise the calves. They are much stronger and healthier than “bottle babies.”

I have always appreciated Roger’s stance on decision making in life: “We will make a decision. If at some point we need to make a different decision, we will; but we are are going to make a decision.”

In life…
Time waits for no one.
Fear serves no one.
Make a decision.
And live with action, courage and faith.

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