Out of My Comfort Zone

What is your comfort zone?

I’m at home in a barn…
The horses, the dirt, the smells, the sounds…
Everything about a barn is in my blood. A barn is comfortable to me.

Over the last 3 years of Callison Ranch Beef & Market, I have found myself in places that were not my comfort zone. Places and opportunities that stretch and prod and challenge. I have learned so much.

I have learned all about processing beef, building a website, shipping and serving our customers.
I have spoken to audiences, led workshops, made cooking demos and appeared on Fox & Friends.

I have learned about construction, USDA requirements, accounting, social media and getting great beef to your table.
The best teachers have been the professionals I have been blessed to work with and our amazing customers.

Everyday brings new challenges and opportunities—-less comfort zoning. Abby & Kate are the absolute best team to work with and help me navigate the uncharted waters with grit and a sense of humor. I sure love those two.
Roger is a constant source of encouragement and common sense; my partner for life.

In the coming months, I am excited to climb some new mountains:
*Holiday Gift Beef Boxes for corporate & personal gifting
*Launching a new website
*Joining the Oklahoma Beef Council
*Hosting live “Wellness & Gratitude” every day in November on IG
*Hosting Area 4-H/FFA night at the ranch Oct 21 to benefit those organizations
*Christmas at the Ranch November 27th
*Keynote speaker at a church women’s retreat March 25-26

All opportunities I am excited about; but I know each will bring new challenges.

I read a devotional last week about how God prepares us for challenges “fully equipped.” Whatever is out of your “comfort zone” today, know that you are “fully equipped” to handle the situation. Learn, grow, make mistakes and laugh.

Being too comfortable doesn’t make life quite as exciting.

It’s good to climb new mountains.

But, when all is said and done, I sure like getting back to the barn and the dirt and my horse Beau—-pure comfort that reminds me who I really am…a cowgirl at heart.❤️

I am cheering for you as you climb your mountains today

Spur Daily,


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