Evening Stock Report

How to be a real cowboy.

These four cowboys are amazing “hands” when it comes to a horse or livestock.
Jet. Tuff, Taw and Newt are cowboys through and through…even their names sound like the characters in a western movie!
You won’t find a harder working crew and they are each strong Christian men.

They gathered, sorted and pushed bulls for the McCoy Ranch Bucking Bull Sale at my brother Cord and SIL Sara’s ranch. They worked as a team, teased each other a little and kept each other safe from a few bull horns.

After the sale, I took this picture of them at sunset drinking coffee and talking about the day and life. I would love to be a fly on the wall listening to their conversations.
Their friendship is as strong as their coffee, their hearts are loving and they are each as tough those leather chaps they are wearing.

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