5 Reasons to Log 10 this Week…

“The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”  John C. Maxwell

We are the sum of our daily habits…

I have made it a habit over the last couple of years to walk/run at least 10 miles a week.  Ten miles may seem daunting to some and laughable to others; but it is doable with any schedule.   I keep track of my miles on a calendar in my pantry.  Then I can make up any miles I miss and here’s why…

  • You burn roughly 100 calories per mile at a brisk walk/run
  • At 10 miles per week, that’s about 1,000 calories torched
  • In one year, you would burn approximately 52,ooo calories (give or take)
  • One pound equals 3,500 calories
  • By my very rudimentary math, that’s 14 pounds! (or the calorie equivalent of homemade, iced sugar cookies I may or may not have consumed between December 1st and December 25th.  Ha!)

The time I run or walk is time well spent.

Here’s 5 good reasons to make it a habit this Spring:

  1.  Boosts your mood:  Many days I have walked away negativity.  I have run angry and returned home relieved.  I have run stressed and returned with a better perspective.  I have walked happy and spent the time praising the Lord.  Every mile is worth the investment.
  2. Great for your health:  It is great for your mental health but good for your physical health as well.  You tone those legs and increase your stamina. You burn calories and release stress.  What could be better?!
  3. Creative juices flow:  Your mind has a chance to think about new ideas or work through challenges.  The blood starts pumping through your whole body, including your brain.
  4. Quality time:  Time spent with someone else or just quality time to yourself.  I take our two dogs most of the time; but sometimes I can get actual humans to join me.  Great conversation seems to flow on a good, long walk.  Friendships form and relationships deepen.  It’s not just in Jane Austin books, but in real life!  Who knew?!  Also, our local running group (Crossroads Running Club) is an awesome bunch of people.  They encouraged me to do my first half-marathon. (you can read about it here) Runners all over the world really don’t care about your age, speed or experience.  I promise.  Runners want everyone to join them in the joy of running, even if you have to walk some.  I promise.
  5. Unplug or Get Plugged In:  I love the mental and spiritual health benefits.  The quiet peace of knocking out a couple of miles.  Sometimes, I “unplug” and enjoy nature.  Other times, I listen to music or podcasts.  I have several podcasts in my rotation from entertaining to educational to inspirational.  An all-time favorite for me is the SpartanUp Podcast.  The Spartan Race founder, Joe Desena, interviews exceptional people from all over the world.  It’s fascinating and motivating.  You can find it here or search for it in your podcast app.

The weather is getting better every day with daffodils starting to bloom and all of nature feeling the change of season.  Make the habit to put in at least 10 miles a week and enjoy the great outdoors.  You will love it!

Spur Daily,  Nikki

PS:  Do you run/walk every week now?  How far?  What is your favorite outdoor exercise?  I would love to hear from you!


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