The Road Less Traveled

This morning I took the road less traveled…

And Robert Frost was right.  It made all the difference!

I ran through puddles, jumped over logs and climbed to higher levels.  My heartbeat, joy and mood climbing with every step.  My two buddies joined me…

Then the cows decided to block our path like the old troll in  “Three Billy Goats Gruff.”  Anywhere I stepped, they were determined to follow.

Bonnie wasn’t having any of it.  She did her best to keep those pesky cows at a safe distance.

Sadie, on the other hand, found the best rock in the history of rocks! (That’s a VERY long time!)  She was very happy with herself…

She carried the big rock for a MILE!

When you find a true treasure, it’s worth the work to hold on to it.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Spur Daily,


These are hands down my favorite shoes for off-road running….

For Women:


and Men:

And for this beautiful Spring sunshine:



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