My Fitness Friends Made Me Do It…

Snow covered Oklahoma yesterday.  Snow isn’t that common in our area so it’s exciting to wake up to an all white world.  Area schools were out due to inclement weather and most people were snuggled up at home.

Then there were a few freaks.

Those who left the comfort of a warm blanket and coffee to do BURPEES in the snow.  What?!

Friends challenging friends to post “Burpees in the Snow 2017” videos on Facebook.  I have to admit I was among the group of video posters.  I coerced my son into videoing me and threatened him if he laughed.  I ran out, hit five burpees barefoot in the snow and ran inside FREEZING.  Why?  Fitness friends.

Fitness friends are awesome!  I have always been active; but the encouragement (and sometimes crazy challenges) of my fitness friends have made for some fun memories.  These “fitness friends” have become some of my “forever friends.”  Most I didn’t know before joining a gym or the local running group.  But, they have inspired me to work harder and to try new things.  We spent time today laughing at ourselves and each other.

Experiences bond people.

I enjoyed experiences this year I wouldn’t have dreamed of 5 years ago.  This group of amazing people are just some of the Spartans who inspired me to complete a Spartan Race Trifecta in 2016 (three races ranging from 4 to 14 miles with 20-35 obstacles completed in the same calendar year)  Yeah, we have mud in places mud should never go. (except my daughter, our cheerleader)  And, yes, we are exhausted.  But, we wouldn’t trade the memories or the accomplishment.


I couldn’t have done it without this girl, Taran.  We didn’t know each other very well before this last year; but we pushed each other (literally) through some tough obstacles.  She is a rare jewel and I am so glad we are now friends.  The girl behind us in the picture?…I don’t know her; but I think she either 1) hates photographers 2) hates cold, muddy water up to her waist or 3) hates perky girls stopping to pose.  Ha!


Here I am at the starting line of the Route 66 Half-Marathon with two great runners/moms/people.  Cari and Adrienne, you girls rock!  They have completed around 40 half-marathons between the two of them.  They were so encouraging and fun at the starting line of my very first 13.2.  I am obviously bundled up like an Eskimo—a rookie mistake I now know!

My point in sharing this post is simple…

If you are looking to start, continue or ramp-up your fitness routine in 2017…

Don’t travel the path alone.

Don’t know anyone to exercise with?  No problem.

Invite someone to be your walking partner or join an exercise group with a trainer.  Show up consistently and you will get to know them.

Try something new…5 or 10K, obstacle race, weight lifting, tennis…it doesn’t matter.

Find a running group.  Trust me, they love newbies and are very welcoming.  There is no shame in walking if you must…

Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone.

Set a target.  An upcoming race or competition can be very motivating.

It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is right now.  Just begin.

We have all heard the health and physical advantages of fitness.  Don’t miss out on the other benefit of exercise…

Fitness with Friends is Fun!

Thank you to all of my fitness/forever friends.  You inspire me in the gym and in life!  No more burpees for me today.  My feet are still thawing…

Spur daily,  Nikki

I would love to hear how your “fitness friends” have inspired you…

My favorite off-road shoe…comes in several great colors!

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