Our Brand


Our Two C Brand.

It goes on every calf we raise, every cow we bring into our herd and each bull we carefully select for superior genetics. It also goes on a few other things, like my saddle in this picture. It is our Two C brand. Two Callison’s 2nd Chance is where it originated. Roger and I finding each other and love and a dream.

Yesterday I burned this brand into sides of boxes for shipping our beef. Beef that traveled overnight across the country. Fresh, ranch-raised, American beef that will conveniently arrive today at doorsteps across our great country. Making the leap to bring the ranch right to you has given our brand a whole new meaning.

Thank you for choosing to buy your beef directly from us. You can be confident that every step in the raising, caring for and processing of our cattle has been done with you in mind. We are crafting the best tasting and healthiest beef you can serve your family. It is an honor and a privilege.

Thank you for the opportunity to send our brand to you.

Spur Daily,


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